Temper randomly verifies the references that you have entered when you complete your work experience. Is your work experience added to your profile? Then you can access a category to respond to shifts. If a reference is verified on the basis of the sample, the reference must be positive of course. To be approved, the work experience must also be of a certain duration. The required duration of work experience depends on the job group and as follows:

Working in the wardrobe, cleaning, sitecrew, training or as a volunteer.
No experience needed.

Working as a bartender, barista, host, catering, room service, housekeeping, sales / marketing, retail or in the service.
Minimum 5 months experience required.

Working as an assistant cook.
Minimum of 1 year of experience required.

Working as an independent cook.
A minimum of 2 years of experience with 2 different employers.

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