It is possible that due to reasons beyond your own control, you were not able to make it to your shift or find replacement. Even though you are responsible for you own shift (for example falling ill is part of this freelance risk), Temper could delete your no show in very few cases. Situations that are ‘beyond your own control’ only apply to a limited amount of situations. When we would not be so strict with this no show policy, our platform would not be able to function as good as it does now.

Valid reason
When you have a valid reason and you can deliver a documented evidence of this, you can request the no show to be removed through

A valid reason would be:

  • A bereavement within the family;
  • De client gave me a no show while he should have canceled the shift.

Documented evidence would be:

  • A bereavement certificate
  • A confirmation by email from the client with in CC.

Non valid reason:
There are also cases that fall under your own freelancer risk. To keep the attendance percentage realistic, in most cases we cannot delete your no show. Examples:

  • Being ill
  • Disturbance/delay on your way to the shift
  • Not meeting the shift description requirements 
  • Being accepted last-minute (when you did not withdraw your application, you will stay responsible for it)

Example valid reason: My grandma passed away

Example invalid reason: I am sick / my train was delayed.

Even though you might have an understandable reason, it does not take away from the fact that the client might have suffered losses because you were not there. When you do not have a valid reason, your no show will not be deleted and your attendance percentage will stay as it is.

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