Temper is not an employment agency, but a modern online marketplace where supply and demand come together. As a jobseeker, you have direct access to 2500+ clients via the platform and hundreds of jobs per day, mainly in the hospitality sector. Clients on the other hand can respond flexibly to the need for labor.

Place an assignment on Temper, which you - as a freelancer - respond to. These are the restaurants, cafes and catering establishments that you encounter on the platform. The contract of assignment that arises from this is entered into by the freelancer and the client. 

This is you - the person who accepts an assignment. Also called freelancer. 

Through the platform you start working as a freelancer and thus determine yourself where and when you work and how much you earn, you are your own boss!

Each shift falls under a function. A function is about certain tasks, for example hosting or room service. As a contractor you can indicate in the shift overview which functions you want to have visible. For some functions, experience is required, add this to your profile (link naar hoe voeg ik werkervaring toe http://help.temper.works/ik-ben-opdrachtnemer-account/mijn-profiel-en-instellingen/hoe-voeg-ik-werkervaring-toe), in order to have access to these functions. You can change the interest in functions in the job overview (link naar klussenoverzicht) by opening the filters.

These are the jobs that you apply to. Shifts are published on the platform by clients. 

They also have the responsibility for accepting/rejecting contractors. Each shift has a date, start and end time and hourly rate.

Your business card. If you apple for a shift, the client will see the TemperIDs of all contractors that have reacted. Make sure that yours jumps out. Place a representative and place a nice photo, original description and complete experience.

Before you decide to really become an entrepreneur for turnover tax, you can try Temper once if working as a freelancer is something for you. After this shift you can request a VAT number via our website or register through Chamber of Commerce. This allows you to work 2 more shifts until the tax authorities fully activate your VAT number. 

As soon as your VAT number is active, you can call yourself a full-fledged freelancer. Congratulations!

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