Via Temper you can work as a freelancer in the hospitality industry. You create an account, respond to a few - or immediately a lot of - interesting jobs and get started. Before you decide to really become an entrepreneur for turnover tax, you can try using Temper once to see whether working as a freelancer is something for you.

Apply for shifts
You do this online via the platform. Increase the chance to be chosen by responding to multiple shifts ( . 

May an application for an overlapping shift be accepted; your registration will automatically be withdrawn. A client will let you know by email whether you have been chosen, but you can keep an eye on it via the platform. Add Temper to your address book and keep an eye on your mailbox. If you have worked, you do an online checkout and voila. It's that simple.

You can choose how you want to be paid. After the checkout has been accepted, the invoice will be automatically created and the payment process you have chosen will start. De factuur kun je terugvinden op je financiële dashboard. The payment you will receive of an independent finance company, Finqle. Temper is not your client and not the one who pays you out. In short, to make it easy for you, we will send your invoice to the client and we will add your invoice to your financial dashboard. You, as a boss, have something better to do. You receive the payments and factoring from an independent finance company.

Try Temper
Via Temper you become acquainted with the life as a freelancer. That is why you can work once without needing a so-called VAT number. So you can see if there is an intention is to become an entrepreneur. Of course you will receive the compensation for the hours you have worked for this shift.

A picture paints a thousand words
That is exactly why we have visualized the 10 steps to independence, see the picture below:

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