The copy of your ID (with watermark) is only visible to Temper on the moment that we are validating it to activate your profile. Temper only checks your ID to see if are allowed to lawfully work in The Netherlands. After the check has been performed, your ID will stop being visible to us. You can trust that we will treat your personal information with the utmost discreteness. Furthermore, you ID is protected by a Temper watermark as well in order to ensure your safety. 

Temper checks your ID automatically or by hand. To ensure your privacy, the scan will be deleted immediately after the validation.  Only the document number, de expiration date and your nationality will be saved, in line with the most recent laws on privacy. From the first named, we only showcase the last 4 digits. In this way, the client can confirm your identity when you are coming to work - Do not forget to bring your ID!

The last named 4 digits of your document number, expiration date en nationality will be kept in a protected digital environment, only visible to employees with authorization, in order to check in name of the clients if you are eligible to work. 

The safekeeping of your personal data and privacy is essential in order to keep trust between Temper and you as a freelancer. To ensure that this relationship is kept, we will keep improving our platform for you. This is our duty as an innovative online platform. 

The visibility of your IBAN will kept the same as above by showing only the last 4 digits, for clients as well for freelancers, Temper employees and you as a freelancer. We are currently working on this diligently.

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