You will only be able to respond to shifts on the Temper platform if you are eligible to work in the Netherlands. Everyone with either a Dutch nationality or one of the members of the Europiean Economic Area, except from Croatia (allowed only from 2020 onwards), is eligible to work in the Netherlands. 

To find out whether you can work in the Netherlands or not, Temper asks you on behalf of the clients you will work with, whether you can upload a scan of your passport or identification document. This document will include your Nationality. 


Temper automatically and in some cases manually checks your identification documents. To ensure you that we take your privacy serious, all the scans get a Temper watermark printed over it and will be deleted right after they have been verified. 


Only parts of the document number, expiration date and nationality will be saved and shown to clients you choose to respond to and work with.This way the client can verify your identity when you show up for work the first time. So remember ;) Don’t forget your ID!


This means that your ID is not visible to other clients or internal colleagues and only some information to those you choose to work with. These will be presented in a secured environment with its only purpose being that the clients can verify that you are eligible to work in the Netherlands. 

Heeft u het antwoord gevonden?