What does this mean?
Through our platform you can work a maximum of 660 hours per year with the same client. Once you’ve reached the 660 hours, you receive a notification through the platform that you’ve reached the maximum amount of hours and that because of that you won’t be able to work for the same client this year. 

Why is there a maximum?
This criteria has been called into existence in agreement with the Belastingdienst (Tax Office). This way we try to stimulate the independent entrepreneurship since you will get to work with at least three different clients each year. Something that characterises you as a freelancer. All agreements that are made through the platform, are based on the standard contract that Temper as agreed on with the Belastingdienst.

Does this also count when you work through your own corporation?
It is based on the nature of the person that delivers the work. For that reason we don’t differentiate between a one man operation and a corporation. It is therefore not possible to make exceptions for individual freelancers. 

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