Once you’ve worked for a client and you’ve done this to much of the satisfaction of the client, they have the option of inviting you to their flexpool. This is a group that consists out of freelancers that have proven their worth in the specific function they were hired to do. As a freelancer you have to choice to either accept or refuse/reject this invitation. You can have up to 8 connections with superordinate clients that coordinate the different branches of their company. Within these 8 connections you’ll be free to work within as many flexpools as you’d like. Once you have reached the maximum of 8 connections, you can be still be invited for a new flexpool by a client. However, in order to accept the invitation, you do have to cancel one of your 8 existing connections to make room for the new one. 

When you are already part of a Flexpool you can automatically be accepted for a shift that you apply for. This will happen when the client has chosen the option ‘automatic acceptance out of Flexpool’. This handy feature will be visible to you when there is a lightning bolt next to a shift. 

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