After you’ve worked your shift you need to confirm the hours you’ve worked with the client. You can do this through completing the check-out. There’s two ways for you to get to the check-out page:

  • You receive an e-mail about he check out and you click on the button ‘Complete check-out’
  • You open the platform and you look for the shift you just worked. Next to the shift it will show the following button which you then click on:


I did not work, what do I do now?
In the case where you didn’t work you can still complete the check-out. The check-out screen will first ask you whether you’ve worked or not. You will then answer this question with ‘No’. The completion of your check-out falls under your own responsibilities as a freelancer. Make sure you complete your check-out within 7 days, because if you don’t do this the system will automatically turn it into a no-show. 

Tip: During the check-out your supposed to fill in the hours you’ve actually worked. Read here what the minimum amount of hours is you can check-out when you’ve been sent home. There’s also different ways you can choose to receive your payment. You can find more information about that here. 

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