Completing your check-out falls under one of the responsibilities of a freelancer using the platform. In each case you will have up to 7 days to complete it after you’ve worked your shift. When you have not completed your check-out after 7 days, the system will automatically see this as a no-show. 

You’ll be able to complete your check-out from the moment your shift has started. This means that the moment you’ve finished working you can go ahead and complete it through the platform. Here you can fill in the hours you’ve worked, whether you’d like to work here again, in what way and time period you would like to receive your payment and what your rating of the client is.

The moment where you have not worked, you can answer No to the question whether you worked that day. You can choose to answer ‘I couldn’t make it to the shift’ or ‘the shift got cancelled’. 

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