The client called you and mentioned that the shift is canceled. When your shift did not take place, but the platform does ask you to perform your checkout, it means that the client has not canceled you yet through the platform.

It is crucial that the client does this as you can claim 50% of the planned shift when the client cancels outside of the cancelation term. Please contact the client and urge them to cancel the shift via the platform.

The client mentions that he/she cannot find the ‘cancel’ button on the platform:
This can happen when the shift on the platform has already ‘occured’. To fix this, you can contact the client and ask him/her to send an email to requesting to cancel your shift. Then we will inform the client that this is not the correct way to cancel and we will ensure this will still happen.

Please note: When a checkout is not completed within 7 days, it will be automatically turn into a ‘no show.’ Therefore, make sure that you arrange it with the client a.s.a.p.!

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