It certainly possible that because of certain conditions, you could not make it to your shifts. In this case, you can look for a suitable replacement through the platform. An explanation on how you could this you can find here. However, if you cannot find a replacement of you do not accept you potential substitute on time (or not at all), your shift stays your responsibility and you will be expected on site. If you do not show up to your shift, you will receive a no show in your profile.

The no show makes your attendance percentage decrease, which could influence the client to not chose you. Furthermore, you need to pay the fine of €100,- to the client through the link in the platform as a compensation for the inconvenience.

You cannot apply for any future shifts until you have paid the no show. Once you have paid the no show through the platform, you can proceed on the platform with as little as a few minutes. Within 30 days, the compensation will be transferred to the client. 

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