It is possible that due to reasons beyond your own control, you were not able to make it to your shift or find replacement. For example:

  • Being ill
  • Disturbance/delay on your way to the shift
  • Not meeting the shift description requirements 
  • Being accepted last-minute (when you did not withdraw your application, you will stay responsible for it)
  • A family member passed away

How to prevent a no show?
As a FreeFlexer you are responsible for you own shift. If you can't make it, you need to find a substitute in order to prevent a no show. When you weren't able to find a substitute, this result in a no show with a fine of €100,-. This fine goes to the client as a compensation for the last minute cancellation from you. If you can't find anybody, and can't go yourself, we advise you to give a heads up towards the client. Yes it is a strict policy, our platform would not be able to function as good as it does now without it. 

When can a no show be deleted?
No show's can't be deleted. The client has the option to give you a fine or not while processing a no show. If you can't make it anymore and let the client know you are searching for a substitute and will keep them updated, clients are more likely to not claim the fine.

Can my availability percentage be restored?
Your availability percentage can never be restored. 'Bad luck situations' are included within the percentage. When you had a no show one time, your percentage will degrease but stays positive. When it happens again, your percentage degreases, it can turn red. This is the reason that each time need to be reported on your profile. 

No shows are important because they show a realistic percentages of the attendance of the freelancer, whereby the client can see it happened one time or more. If you are a new FreeFlexer your percentage will immediately be red. In the beginning it is important to leave a good impression. 

You received a no show while the client canceled you,
If a client called you with the message they do not need you anymore, they also need to cancel you via the platform. It is unfair if they processed a no show while they canceled. If you found yourself in a situation like this, contact the client and ask why the gave a no show instead of cancelling you. We advise you to contact them via mail or whats-app. You then can send your conversation with the client to the chat. Support then can help you out.

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