It may be interesting to start already with pension savings. The sooner you start, the longer your money has time to grow. You receive interest on the amount you save.

Because you start saving earlier, you will have to spend less each year to ultimately achieve the same result. You can get tax benefits, because you can deduct the money you save for your pension from your turnover when making the Income Tax declaration.

Check for example BrandNewDay*, Temper has a cooperation with them, they can help you on your way for free with a welcome meeting.

What is a supplementary pension?
The Dutch pension system has three pension pillars; the AOW benefit, collective pension and supplementary pension. Are you a freelancer? Then you have to build up your own pension. It can be very interesting to start building up a supplementary pension, so that you later have sufficient pension to be able to live off.

How does this work?
Temper, together with online pension bank Brand New Day, discussed the options you have to get started.

Do you want to start saving, so that you will receive more supplementary pension later? This is very easy with a pension account. The big advantage is that you get tax benefits with a pension account. You can settle the total amount on the pension account with your tax return. You can then get a big part back on the basis of your income tax. If you retire by then, you will have to purchase a benefit from the pension account. Note that by that time you will pay (hopefully a lower) income tax.

What should I take into account?
Side note is that you may deposit up to a maximum amount in the pension account. We call this the annual space. More than the annual space deposit is not allowed; less or even nothing is allowed to deposit. With the pension account you can decide how much you deposit each year, as long as you stay within the annual margin.

You can use the online year tool of Brand New Day to calculate the annual space.

Temper helps
Temper and Brand New Day have a cooperation*, so you can save € 45, - for opening a pension account and get a free and no-obligation pension-informing. You can open the account via this link. Nice. Free!

*Temper has no interest in your choice whether or not to purchase Brand New Day products, other than informing about the possibilities and facilitating contact. Temper also likes to point out the possibilities of other providers such as Bright Pensioen and Loyalis or the possibilities for bank savings.

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