If you do not yet have a VAT number, you can try Temper first without a VAT number to see if the intention to become a freelancer is there.

Did you like working via Temper? We think that's fantastic to hear! We are happy to help you with the next steps towards freelancership.

After you have tried it once, you need a VAT number to continue on the platform. Once your trial shift is over and you try to respond to a new assignment, you will be directed to a page where you can request a VAT or Chamber of Commerce number. 

There are two ways you can request a VAT number. By means of the form called ‘Opgaaf Startende Onderneming’ (a.k.a. 'OSO') or by means of a registration with the Chamber of Commerce. In this article we explain both options.

  • OSO - Do you occasionally work or do not know how often you will work? Then you can use the OSO form from the Tax Authorities to request a VAT number. This process usually takes 2 weeks but is free.
  1. Print out the OSO form (with accompanying welcome letter and instructions). You can download the form here.
  2. Scan your completed form and send it to btwnummer@temper.works. You will receive a confirmation if we have received it in good order.
  3. As soon as we have received the filled in form by e-mail from you, we will send your application for the VAT number to the tax authorities on your behalf. After this the process is between you and the tax authorities.
  4. At this moment you get an inactive VAT number in your profile, with which you can do 2 more shifts, until your VAT number is active.
  5. The Tax Authorities assess your application after which they activate your VAT number, you will receive a confirmation by mail. If it is activated you can proceed on our platform.

Note: As soon as you start freelancing with some regularity, you may be required to register with the Chamber of Commerce. So read first before using the OSO form to request a VAT number.

  • Chamber of Commerce - Are you going to work regularly? Then it may be that you are requiredto register at the Chamber of Commerce.
  1. Through this link you can make an appointment with the nearest office. Note: If there are no places available in the short term, you can make an appointment at another office or consult the site again in the early morning.
  2. When you have an appointment at the Chamber of Commerce, and they have approved that you can request a VAT number through them, you will immediately receive an inactive VAT number and a Chamber of Commerce number (KvK-number).
  3. Add your inactive VAT number and Chamber of Commerce number to your profile. With an inactive VAT number you can pick up two more shifts via the platform.
  4. The Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax Authority) must then activate your VAT number. It takes approximately 4 to 8 days until the Belastingdienst has activated your VAT number and you can continue unlimited on the platform of Temper.

Registering your one-man business (eenmanszaak) at the Chamber of Commerce costs you €50, but you often have to pay for it within a few hours. Moreover, this option offers you more security. In addition, these costs are deductible and you may be able to use them to realize a tax benefit.

As soon as you start working with the VAT number, VAT will be billed on your invoices on your behalf. You will then have to submit VAT returns every quarter. Read more about the responsibilities of having a VAT number here.

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