You will receive a Chamber of Commerce number (KvK-nummer) when you register in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce (KvK). The costs are €50,- once. After you have registered with the Chamber of Commerce, you will automatically receive a VAT number assigned by the Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax Authority). To be able to insure yourself as a freelancer you need to have a Chamber of Commerce number. As soon as you start freelancing more regularly, you may be legally obliged to register with the Chamber of Commerce.

However, a VAT number can also be granted to companies that do not have to register with the Chamber of Commerce. You can request a VAT number for this free of charge using the 'Opgaaf Startende Onderneming' form. If the Tax Authorities approve your application, the VAT number will then be provided to you by post (in combination with the log-in details for making the VAT declarations online).

If you want to work via Temper and are not sure whether you want to work as a freelancer on a structural basis, the question is whether a Chamber of Commerce number is necessary. It is up to you to answer this question. For the precise definition used by the Chamber of Commerce and the Tax Authorities and the associated indicators, we refer you to the following web pages (Dutch):

Try it out once

Before you decide to become an entrepreneur for turnover tax, you can try Temper once to see if working as a freelancer is something for you. After this shift you must answer the above question and take the next step. On the one hand, registering directly with the Chamber of Commerce for a Chamber of Commerce number and a VAT number; on the other hand, only request a VAT number via our website. With the latter, you can download a form called ‘Opgaaf Startende Onderneming’ via the platform with fill-in instructions. You can do this right from the start or if you have been accepted for a shift and want to respond to the next one.

You can send the completed form to We help you to see if you have filled in all the necessary questions. We then forward the application for you to the tax authorities. After this it is between you and the tax authorities. They spend on average two weeks to give you a VAT number. During this period you may work two more times. Have you received your VAT number? Congratulations, you can now work unlimited via Temper!

Download Opgaaf Startende Onderneming (English)

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