Yes, it’s entirely possible to work twice more. This will be possible from the moment where we have received your VAT-forms back in our mailbox, where we’ve been able to check it and once everything is correct we’ll send it to the Tax Office. From that exact moment onwards, you’ll be able to pick up two more shifts as you await the activation of your VAT-number. Our team responsible for these forms will process them every Monday through Friday. Meaning that if you happened to have sent them to us in the weekend, we so kindly ask for a little patience until next Monday :)

As soon as we have receive the filled in VAT-forms from you, we will place an inactive VAT-number in your profile. Once we have done this you will receive a message that you have a VAT-number in your profile, this however it not yet active. We will have sent your forms to the Dutch Tax Office, whom tend to have a waiting term of about 14 days before your number will be activated. This means that in those 14 days you’ll be able to pick up two more shifts with you inactive VAT-number. Only when the Tax Office has activated your VAT-number and only then, will you be able to work as many shifts as you would like.

You will receive two letter from the ‘Belastingdienst’ (Dutch Tax Office), one including your username for the online entrepreneur portal (used for your turnover tax reports) and once including your password. If you have not received any letters after two weeks, send us a message at and we’ll help you with the next steps you can take to contact them. 

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