As soon as we have received your Opgaaf Startende Onderneming, we will put a temporary VAT number in your profile. This VAT number is not active at that moment. Temper will forward your application form to the Tax Authorities, after which the Tax Authorities will activate your VAT number. As long as your VAT number is not yet activated, you can work twice. Only once you have an active VAT number you can react to shifts on our platform without restrictions.

Normally your VAT number is active from the moment you’ve received your VAT number from the Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax Authority) in your post. If you still have doubts about the status of your VAT number, we advise you to contact the business (free) telephone line of the Belastingdienst: 0800 - 0543.

What if I still can’t continue to respond to jobs?

What can you do when you have received a letter from the tax authorities with your activated VAT number, but you still can’t react on shifts on the platform?

  • Check the VAT number in your profile. You will find this in 'my profile’', under the heading 'invoicing & payments'. Is this not the same as the VAT number that you received from the tax authorities? Click on 'change' and adjust your VAT number. Refresh the page and you can continue on the platform. 

If you experience that the above tip did not help, please send a screenshot with the corresponding URL to or via chat.

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