To help you on your way, we point out the tax returns you will have to do a freelancer.

Turnover tax (VAT)
When you have a VAT-number, you are required to declare VAT. This means that you have to declare your taxes online to the Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax Authority) every quarter, so 4 times a year. During this declaration you will declare how much VAT you received and spent in that specific quarter. You can find help for your VAT declaration here.

In principle you have to pay the Belastingdienst the VAT you have received minus the VAT you have spent for the exploitation of your business. Depending on how much VAT you receive and spend in a year, you could be entitled to paying less VAT or even no VAT at all. This is known als the Kleineondernemingsregeling (small business arrangement)’. You can find out if you are entitled to this arrangement here.

Income tax
Every natural person with Dutch nationality is responsible to do their own income taxes. When you work and earn a salary, the amount of income tax you have to declare is already filled in for you. As a freelancer you are responsible to calculate the amount of income you have to pay tax over yourself. Every year before the first of May you make an overview of all your incomes and expenditures as a freelancer for the past year.

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