Payment of your invoices will take place via factoring company Finqle. The client pays Finqle, after which Finqle pays the contractor.

If you have worked and can check out you can choose from two methods of payment.

  1. Direct payment - You will be paid out within 3 or 5 business days after your checkout. The money will be almost directly on your account. Ideal, since you are not dependent on the payment term used by the client. Factoring company Finqle advances the amount. The costs for this amounts to only 2,9% of the total invoice amount;
  2. As soon as the client pays - In most cases the client has 14 days after receiving the invoice to pay it. For some clients, a payment period of 30 days applies. It is possible that a client does not pay within the agreed payment term or that a client does not pay an invoice at all. So realize well that your debtor risk, when you choose this option, is a lot bigger than when you choose for direct payment. The average payment term that you see when performing a checkout provides only an indication and therefore certainly no guarantee. In short, you do not know exactly when the money is in your account - therefore this option costs you nothing.
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