Clients can place an indefinite amount of shifts on the platform. Of course, shifts also need to be paid to you as a freelancer. A client’s creditworthy is assessed for a specific amount by Finqle. This amount is their credit for which they can have outstanding invoices on the platform. If a client has an amount higher in outstanding invoices than their credit, their credit status is changed. In that case, Finqle no longer offers the 'direct payment' option.

What if a client has a negative credit and has shifts online?
On the shift page the shift is marked for which 'direct payment' is not possible. So you can see it before you apply.

What if I have a shift at a client whose credit status has changed?
Then you will receive an e-mail about the credit change which says that it will no longer be possible to opt for 'direct payment'. The possibility is then given to you to cancel the shift until 24 hours before the start of the shift. If you do not cancel this on time, then you can not opt for 'direct payment' at the checkout and you therefore bear the debtor risk yourself.

Please note that if the shift starts within 24 hours or has already been, you will not receive an e-mail. In that case the old conditions will still apply for which you have registered. Did you apply with the possibility of 'direct payment'? Then this will still be possible.

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