Clients will pay the invoice to the factorization company Finqle and after this, Finqle will pay you.

The payment term for a client can take 14 or 30 days. During the completion of your checkout, the agreed and average payment term will be showed. De client is supposed to pay the invoice within the payment term, but this is not guaranteed. The payment term will start at the moment when the client has received you invoice. 

  1. Go to your financial overview in your menu.
  2. Download your invoice.
  3. The date on the invoice is the day on which your invoice has been received by the client. 

What if the payment term has exceeded?
When the payment term (14 or 30 days) has exceeded, we call this an ‘overdue invoice.’ From this moment, it is important to grant the client a little bit of extra time. In this period, Finqle will start to send the client payment reminders and investigate why the invoice has not been paid yet.

Have you not received your payment after the payment term has been exceeded by 14 days? Then you can contact the client yourself to request information on the status of your payment. 

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