Your adventure via our platform can start once you are 18 years or older.
It’s possible to already start freelancing if you are younger than 18. Sign up for a VAT-number (and KvK) independently from Temper and build up experience. This way you can easily start via Temper once you have turned 18!

How can you become a freelancer when you're under-aged?
According to the law, young people under the age of 18 are "incapacitated for work".
This means that minors (aged up to 17 years) are only allowed to perform legal acts if they have permission from their legal representatives - these are parents or guardians.

For a minor entrepreneur, it’s inconvenient to have to ask permission for every legal act. That’s why a minor entrepreneur can request for authority to perform certain legal acts at the sub-district court. Minimum age of 16 applies for this. The minor owner or manager of a company may perform certain legal acts for his own account.

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