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How do I arrange a substitute?

Follow these 5 steps.

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If you’re cancelling a shift when the cancellation term is expired, you have to arrange a qualified substitute through our platform to prevent a no-show. This can be done in a couple of steps.

Step 1
Click on the specific shift which will open the shift details. On the right side, you’ll see: ‘Not able to run this shift?’. When the cancellation deadline has passed, you can click on ‘Request substitute’.

Step 2
A new screen will appear which will make it clear that you would like to cancel the shift at the client. At the bottom of the page, there will be a button saying ‘Zoek een vervanger’. By pressing this you will place the shift back on the platform so that other FreeFlexers can apply for it. 

Tip: try to do this as soon as possible. This will increase the chances of you finding a qualified substitute quickly. Next to doing this, you can also place your shifts in our Discord Community to share your shift with other FreeFlexers.

Step 3
When you look at your dashboard, you will now see that you are trying to look for a substitute. It is now your responsibility to keep an eye on possible substitutes.

  • Keep an eye on your mail. We automatically send you a message as soon as a FreeFlexer has applied for your shift and wants to replace you.

  • The platform shows you exactly which and how many FreeFlexers have applied for your shift. These are all possible substitutes for you.

Step 4
When the FreeFlexers apply for a shift, they will appear on the specific shift page. You get to choose who will replace you, so select and accept your substitute wisely! When you make your choice it’s important to keep in mind that the client is expecting someone that masters the same skills required for this shift as you have.

Step 5
Your substitute will check out and receive a rating. The rating they receive will also appear in your profile summary.

Your clients will be able to check how frequently you requested substitutes and what their average rating is. This overview can only be accessed if the client specifically wants to check the information regarding the substitutes you chose in the past. It won't affect your own average rating.

Your replacement works for you, that's why you will receive an invoice afterward as well. This invoice will state the costs of your substitute and the income you get from the client. That's why your invoice will end up being € 0,-. You do not have to pay anything, but do take this invoice with you in your administration.

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