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No VAT was invoiced for a FreeFlexer. How come?
No VAT was invoiced for a FreeFlexer. How come?

The FreeFlexer does not have a VAT ID yet or is making use of the Small Businesses Scheme (KOR)

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There might be a FreeFlexer on your collective invoice, for which no VAT was invoiced. There are two reasons why this could happen.

1. Trying out our platform

Before FreeFlexers become independent contractors and apply for a VAT identification number (VAT-ID), they can try out Temper one single time without having a VAT ID. Because they do not have this identification number yet, no VAT is charged. All in agreement with the Dutch tax authorities. Keep in mind that as a client you will need to report this to the tax authorities once a year in January via the IB47 registration. But no worries, we will prepare the IB47 for you.

2. Small Businesses Scheme

FreeFlexers who have registered for the Small Businesses Scheme (KOR) are entitled to an exemption from the VAT requirement if they do not earn more than € 20,000 turnover per year. This means that they do not invoice VAT to their clients and do not have to pay turnover tax.

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