What will happen to my ID:
To work via our platform, we will require you to have valid identification papers, residency and free working status in the Netherlands. When you upload your ID our system automatically checks whether you are eligible to work in the Netherlands after which a watermark will be placed on the image and then permanently deleted.

Only the last 4 digits of the document number and expiry date will be saved and shown in your profile along with your nationality. This is according to the latest GDPR guidelines on privacy. When you go to your shift, a client is always allowed to ask for your proof of identity to identify yourself. So be sure to always bring your ID.

What can a client see on my profile?
Once you’ve applied for a shift, the client will be able to see your following information: name, age, location, e-mail, phone number, profile photo, experience, rating, proven skills, favourite clients and your on-time percentage.

Privacy policy
We do everything we can to protect your personal data and your privacy. For that reason, we try to constantly adjust and improve in this area. Please check our most current privacy policy for all the ins and outs. 

Please note: We will never ask for additional personal data outside of the platform, or request access to your DigiD. Contact with Temper is exclusively via our chat channels, via email using our @temper.works domain names, or directly via phone (using our known phone numbers).

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