It is a pity that you want to delete your profile. We would love to know why. We can learn from your feedback! Please share your feedback with our help desk employees through the chat.

When you don’t have open task, you are able to delete your account. Examples of open tasks are; payments of shifts or open no show fine.  

You can delete your account only after all your shifts are completed and invoice payments are transferred to you.

  1. Go in your menu to ‘My Profile’;

  2. Scroll down to ‘Danger Zone’. Here you will find a button to delete your account:

Within the following steps the platform will help you delete your account including your personal information. Do you miss us? Luckily you have 14 days to rethink your decision. Subsequently, your account will be deleted. 

Please note:
Once you have unsubscribed from Temper, it does not mean that your VAT-ID will be automatically deactivated. If you have an activated VAT-ID, you need to do tax return and income tax declaration in order to prevent future fines. Contact the Tax Authorities (Belastingdienst) to deactivate your VAT-ID. You can find more information about the process in the link below.

This website is currently available only in Dutch.
Our tip: use Google Translate plug-in to translate the whole site.

Is your VAT-ID deactivated? Then you only need to do the yearly income tax declaration. This applies to all residents with a Dutch nationality. Don’t forget you are required to report your income through Temper. Download your invoices before deleting your account. There is a chance the Tax Authorities request this from you.

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