As a FreeFlexer you can always get yourself substituted by someone else or act as a substitute for another FreeFlexer. One of the ways you can do this is through the Temper platform. How easy is that?

As a substitute you are required to independently complete the shift. Therefore you need to posses the skills required. If the shift, for instance, requires you to be able to walk with three plates, you must have this skill in your profile. Do you lack a required skill? In that case you can unfortunately not apply as a substitute.

Het staat je als FreeFlexer altijd vrij om je te laten vervangen of zelf als vervanger voor een andere FreeFlexer een opdracht uit te voeren. Eén van de manieren waarop je dit kan doen is via het platform. The shift won’t show in your overview and clicking on the substitute link therefore won’t set the substitute process in motion

Do you think you have the required skills but just didn't add them to your profile yet? Check here how you can easily add skills to your profile yourself.

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