How can I withdraw an open application?

Go to the shift description page and press 'Cancel my shift'

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Once you’ve responded to a shift, you should see 'Waiting for response' in your dashboard.

If you want to withdraw your application, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate in the menu to your 'Dashboard'.

  2. Your dashboard opens. Select 'Future shifts' and then 'Applied'. Scroll down and click on the shift from which you want to withdraw your application.

  3. This brings you to the shift details. On the right side you'll see: 'Not able to run this shift?'.

  4. Click on 'Cancel my shift'.

  5. Confirm by clicking on 'Cancel shift'.

  6. If your withdrawal was successful, 'Waiting for response' will change to 'You cancelled'. You can always check this in your dashboard. It says 'You cancelled' there as well.

Our tip: You won't be able to make it to the shift if you are accepted last minute? Click the ‘Peace Of Mind’ button at the moment of applying to cancel your application automatically if you’re not accepted 8 hours before the shift.

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