If you don’t have a VAT-ID just yet, you have the possibility to try Temper once to see whether you’re interested in becoming a FreeFlexer. Did you enjoy working via Temper and would you like to work regularly? Then it’s essential you register as a one-man business to receive your VAT-ID.

There are two ways you can request a VAT-ID:

  1. Through filling in the OSO forms, Opgaaf Startende Onderneming.

  2. Through the Chamber of Commerce

Option 1: Through the OSO forms
If you want to work whenever you like or are you not sure yet how regularly you’d like to work, you can choose to fill in the forms for starting up your own business to request your own VAT-ID. This process takes 2 - 3 weeks and is free of any charge. You will complete this form online.

 Signing forms online
As soon as you’ve worked your first shift and you try to register for another, you will be redirected to the page where you can start to request a VAT-ID through the Tax Authorities or the Chamber of Commerce. Click on the following button to start filling in your form.

Does the button not work? This means you are either not logged in or do not have an account yet. You can register for an account here.

How does it work?

  1. Request a VAT-ID

  2. You will receive a confirmation from us within two working days whether everything is in order. Is something missing? Please edit the forms accordingly and resend them.

  3. Your forms are in order. We will send all your forms to the Tax Authorities on your behalf. The average waiting time for them to process and application usually adds up to 14 days. In the meantime, you can work an extra two shifts. From this moment onwards, it’s between you and the Tax Authorities. Without your VAT-ID it’s not possible to produce invoices and get paid for your shifts. Once you’ve received your VAT-ID you will receive your outstanding payments.

  4. The Tax Authorities approve your request and will provide you with a VAT-ID and a VAT number. Add this ID to your profile and you will be able to pick up as many shifts as you’d like. Woopwoop!

Please be aware: You might have to register with the Chamber of Commerce when you want to work through Temper. So please keep reading before you request your VAT-ID by filling in the OSO forms. 

Option 2: Through the Chamber of Commerce
If you are going to be working through Temper frequently it could be the case that you are obliged to register with the Chamber of Commerce.

  1. Make an appointment with the Chamber of Commerce. No open spaces? Try another office 

  2. You won’t be able to respond to shifts whilst awaiting your VAT-ID. You will receive this within 4 to 8 days after which, if you add it to your profile, you will be able to start working.

Registering your one-man business (eenmanszaak) at the Chamber of Commerce costs you €50, but you will often have earned this back within a few hours. Moreover, this option offers you more security. In addition, these costs are deductible and you may be able to use them to realise a tax benefit.

As soon as you start working with the VAT-ID, VAT will be billed on your invoices on your behalf. You will then have to submit VAT returns every quarter. Read more about the responsibilities of having a VAT number here.

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