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How does the 'automatically accept within 48 hours' option work?
How does the 'automatically accept within 48 hours' option work?

Freelancers who have already worked with you can be accepted automatically

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When creating a shift, you can check at the bottom of the page if you want to have FreeFlexers automatically accepted within 48 hours before the start of the shift.

Only FreeFlexers that meet the following requirements can be automatically accepted at that time:

The FreeFlexer ...

  1. Has worked at least 3 times in the same position.

  2. Has been rated by you with an average of 4.6 or higher.

  3. Has worked in the past year.

  4. Has not been removed from your flexpool.

  5. Has never received a 1-star rating from you.

This way you are guaranteed to have a top performer without having to pay much attention. That's convenient!

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