For some shifts work experience is required. If you haven't added work experience to your profile yet it can happen that you are unable to apply to specific shifts. Luckily you can easily add work experience to your profile.

Once you start picking up some shifts clients will indicate whether you indeed posses the skills you have added. Being honest about your qualifications is therefore really important.

Wardrobe, cleaning, site crew hospitality and retail, packer, warehouse help, merchandise, service, training or volunteering:
No experience needed.

Bartending, barista, hosting hospitality and retail, catering, room service, housekeeping, sales or waitress/waiter:
Minimum of 5 months experience required.

Working as an assistant chef:
Minimum of 1 year of experience required.

Working as an independent chef:
A minimum of 2 years of experience at 2 different employers required.

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