There’s a reason that appearing on time is important for clients. To ensure your own and the client’s ease of mind, be sure to be present at the location 15 minutes before the start of your shift. This way you will have time to change outfits if needed and get any instructions required to start working. 

Tip: Read the briefing of your job carefully and check your route to the client.

During the checkout, a client indicates whether you were on time. This will be represented in your Temper profile as a percentage.

If the percentage is above 89% it's black. If it's 89% or below, the color becomes red, which will make clients think a second time when hiring you. So always be sure to come on time to prevent the percentage to become red.

Tip: Be proactive and ask the client at the end of the shift how many minutes in advance you should be present next time.

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