If you are the representative of a large company with multiple locations and/or subsets, you can add them to your main profile. You can add or duplicate a company on the platform.

  • Adding a company: You add an entirely new company for which you will add all the details;

  • Duplicate a company: You add a new company with the same data of a current company on the platform. To make it easy, you can copy data from an already existing company so you don't have to fill in as much. Data copied are: Description, address, IBAN, VAT number, invoice name, Chamber of Commerce registration, invoice per project, split invoice and the users of the company to be duplicated.

Add a company

Add a company using the button '+ add company'.

  1. Go to your menu and click on 'My companies'.

  2. To the right of the screen is a button: : '+Add company'.

  3. Enter your company name or KvK number and search for your company.

  4. Click on your company and add the company.

  5. The company is added.

  6. Change the data and add a project.

  7. Go to step 6 in the explanation below.

Duplicate a company

  1. Go to your menu and click on 'My companies'.

  2. Click on the name of the company you want to duplicate.

  3. Press 'Duplicate' at the top right of the screen. The data listed here will be copied.

  4. You will be asked for a 'Trade name location'. Enter the name for the new company. Please note that an error may occur. No worries, you can just go to the next step.

  5. Successful! Your new company has been created. Next, go to your menu and click on 'My companies'. Scroll down to your new location. Click on the name to go to your new location's page.

  6. Check that all the information is correct for the new business. Often the image to display the atmosphere, the location address, billing address, Chamber of Commerce or VAT number need to be adjusted. If necessary, adjust the user roles and/or add users.

  7. Click on 'Edit'. A screen appears in which you can change the data. Change the data if necessary and then click on save.

  8. Before you can use your new company, you need to add a project. Go back to the Dashboard (at the top of the header) and click '+ Create new project'.

  9. Under 'Company', choose the company you just created. Enter a project name, for example "General". Finally, check/uncheck whether you want to break down the invoice by job.

  10. Next, go back to the Dashboard (at the top of the header), scroll to your new company and click on it.

  11. Successful! You can now create a job group and place a shift for the new company.

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