It’s possible that you see a shift in your dashboard which says “you cancelled” whilst you didn’t do this yourself. The system will have done this automatically for you. There are 3 reasons why this could have happened:

  1. You’ve applied for multiple jobs that fall within the same timeframe. You then got accepted for one of these shifts, meaning you will not be able to work the other shifts you applied for. For that reason, the system will automatically cancel the shifts where the time frames overlap. 

  2. You’ve worked your first shift and are required to become a FreeFlexer to continue working through Temper. 

  3. You’re awaiting the activation of your VAT-ID and you’ve worked once already. In this situation, you will need to wait until the Tax Authorities (Belastingdienst) has activated your VAT-ID. In the meantime you’re allowed to work another 2 times.

Are you able to continue? Read how to recover your past applications. Have your applications been cancelled whilst you were in your trial period (try Temper once) then we can no longer recover those applications.

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