When you receive a no-show, you won’t be able to apply for shifts. As soon as you try to apply for a shift, you will be shown a page that informs you about your no-show. To proceed, you should transfer the € 100,- fine via the iDeal link shown on the page. The system will automatically process the payment allowing you to start picking up shifts within 24 hours. After the payment has been processed, it will be transferred to the client.

You have paid the no-show, but still can’t apply for shifts.
Most likely you will have more no-shows on your profile. For every no-show, you are required to pay € 100,-. Please double-check if you have paid all no-show fines. If you still experience the block on your account, please contact us via the chat. Send this message with a screenshot of the payments from your bank account (please hide private details).

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