Why it would be interesting to start saving and building up your pension:

  1. The earlier you start, the longer time your money has to grow. The reason behind this is that you receive annual interest on your pension.

  2. When you begin with saving early on, you won’t have to pay as much annually to achieve the same goal.

  3. You will receive tax benefits since you are saving for your pension, meaning you can deduct this from your income tax.

Check out the online pension bank Brand New Day. We are partnered with this party and they’ll be able to give you free advice.

What does a supplementation pension mean?
The Dutch pension system is divided into 3 pillars: the AOW compensation, the collective pension and the supplementation pension. If you are a freelancer, you will be responsible to build up your own pension. It can be interesting to start building up your supplementation pension so you won’t have to worry about it as much later on in life.

How does this work?
We discussed the possibilities for FreeFlexers together with Brand New Day. Would you like to start saving to increase the supplementation pension you will receive later in life? Then you can do so quite easily by opening a pension account. The largest benefit of owning a pension account is that you can receive tax benefits. You can deduct the entire amount, currently on your pension account, from the income tax declaration. When the time comes to collect your benefit there will be a cost that comes with this. Be aware: at that time you will hopefully be able to pay less income tax over this account. 

What should I keep in mind?
An important side note is that you will only be able to deposit a maximum amount of money onto your pension account annually. In Dutch this is called ‘jaarruimte’. It’s not allowed to exceed the amount calculated as your jaarruimte. You’re, however, allowed to deposit less or nothing at all. With the pension account, you’re allowed to decide for yourself how much you deposit as long as it doesn’t exceed the predetermined jaarruimte. You can calculate your jaarruimte with the jaarruimte tool on the website of Brand New Day. 

We’ll help you
When you sign up as a FreeFlexer through our platform, you will receive benefits when signing up for a pension account. You will save up to € 45,- on registration costs and receive a free and non-binding informative introductory appointment.

*Even though we have partnered with Brand New Day, we don’t receive any benefits for your choice to open an account with them. We recommend other pension providers such as Bright Pensioen and Loyalis, just as much. 

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