If the client gave you a call to inform you that your shift has been cancelled and the platform is still asking you to complete your checkout, it means that you’ve not been cancelled on the platform itself. It’s very important that the client also cancels your shift on the platform. If the shift has been cancelled when the cancellation term has expired, without your consent, you have the right to claim 50% of the total shift amount. Contact the client and inform them that they will need to cancel you through the platform as well. 

The client can’t see the cancellation button, what now?
This can happen whenever the shift has already passed. Contact the client and ask them to send us a chat with the request to cancel the shift. We will then inform the client that this is not the correct way to cancel someone.

Be aware: when a checkout hasn’t been processed or cancelled within 7 days, the platform will automatically give you a no-show.

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