By mutual agreement, you have cancelled the shift and want to remove the shift from the platform without a claim.

You should click 'cancel' at all times when you cancel the shift yourself. The FreeFlexer will then have the opportunity to claim but does not have to do so. With a written confirmation from the FreeFlexer, we can turn off or remove the claim if it has been claimed.

Of course, it may happen that a FreeFlexer agrees not to claim 50% but does so anyway. As soon as the contractor claims the 50%, the client will receive a confirmation by email. As the client, you then have 7 days to send a written confirmation from the FreeFlexer to Temper via chat. When a message from the contractor or written confirmation has been received by our Support team, the claim can be reset.

Without written confirmation, a claim cannot be reset, so always ask for this when you make this agreement with the FreeFlexer. Furthermore, we recommend that you always inform Support in time.

What if you have already received an invoice for the claim?

If the claim has already been invoiced, Temper cannot undo the claim. When a claim has been made, you will receive an email about this. You then have 7 days to send written confirmation via chat to reset the claim. When this period has expired the claim can unfortunately no longer be cancelled.

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