As a client, you can only archive a shift when the checkout is complete or when you have cancelled or given a no show to the freelancer listed in the shift.

  1. Did the FreeFlexer come to work? Then make sure they do their check out. You can then respond to the checkout to complete it.

  2. Did the FreeFlexer not come to work or was unable to find a substitute? If so, give them a 'no show' by clicking the 'no show' button next to the shift.

  3. Did you as the client cancel the shift? Then click on cancel. Did the shift 'already take place' and you don't see the 'cancel' button anymore? Please let us know via the chat. Give the reason why the shift was cancelled.

If you, as the client, agreed that the FreeFlexer did not need to arrange a substitute, then this also counts as a cancellation by the client. Because you are cancelling the shift, you need to follow step 3.

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