Oops, have you made a mistake whilst filling in your tax declarations last quarter? Have you, for example, registered an invoice twice or did you not add the correct tax deduction? Do you appear to have the right to a tax reduction due to the Small Businesses Scheme (KOR)? Or have you paid the wrong amount of taxes over the past 5 years? You can correct these problems in 2 ways:

  1. When you owe more than € 1,000: As an entrepreneur you have the option to correct your taxes, you can do this online. This is called supplementation. By doing so, you fill in your tax declaration again, as a corrected version of your first one. Use the online portal or your bookmaker. The new declaration will be processed within 6 weeks.

  2. When you owe less than € 1,000: You can still edit your declaration through the process of supplementation, but you can also use your next quarterly declaration to correct this. Below we will explain how you can get a refund on the taxes you’ve paid even though you had the right to use the Small Businesses Scheme (KOR).

Example: It’s January and you find out that you have paid € 1,200 in turnover tax in the past year. Thanks to the Small Businesses Scheme (KOR) you were entitled to keep these taxes as your earnings. You’ve already done your turn over tax declarations for the first 3 quarters and are now in the process of filling in your fourth and final one. Whilst filling in this last one, you would like to get a refund of the taxes you have already paid. During your turnover tax declarations for the first, second and third quarter, you’ve paid € 800,- in turnover tax. For your fourth quarterly declaration, the taxes amount to € 400,-. You want to keep this € 400,- and receive the € 800,- back due to the Small Businesses Scheme. You can correct this in the current turnover tax declarations. 

You will log into the online portal to declare your taxes. You will use the fourth declaration to correct the taxes you’ve paid. You can correct at question 5d, by filling in € 1,200 as this is the annual amount you’d like to deduct due to the Small Businesses Scheme. You filled in that you had to pay € 400,- and that you wanted to deduct € 1,200 which will leave you with the refund of € 800,-.

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