When a client is really satisfied with how you’ve worked with them, he has the option to invite you to his flexpool. A flexpool is a group of FreeFlexers who excel in a specific function. Once you are added to a flexpool, this will increase your chances of being accepted. This is how you can manage your flexpools:

  1. Go to My flexpools in the top menu and click Go To Flexpool overview.

  2. Click on the invitation.

  3. Click on accept the invitation or reject the invitation.

  4. The flexpool will be added or removed from your overview.

What if I can’t click “Accept invitation” or “Reject invitation”?
You are allowed to be part of a maximum of 8 flexpools at once. Do you receive a lot of invites? Good on you! You can only accept a new invitation once you leave another flexpool. This is how you can do this:

  1. Go to My flexpools in the top menu and click Go to Flexpool overview.

  2. Click your flexpool you wish to leave.

  3. Click on Leave flexpool.

  4. The flexpool will disappear from your overview.

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