It could happen that the client doesn’t agree with the hours you’ve filled in during the checkout. The client can use a counteroffer at such a moment for you to agree with.

Do you agree with this offer?

  1. Go to your work overview.

  2. Go to your past shifts.

  3. Go to the shift which concerns the disagreement.

  4. Go to the dispute and click the counteroffer.

  5. You will end up in the page where you see the dispute under the tab ‘Work’. 

  6. Click on the dispute to see the counteroffer.

Do you not agree with the offer?
Contact the client about the times you would agree with. The contact information is usually in the shift description or in the mail with the title ‘you got accepted’. Go to the client's website if it’s not. We are not allowed to share any private information due to strict privacy laws.

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