In order to make your life a little bit easier, we explain to you in this article how to find the shift that suits you best. In case you don’t know yet how to apply for a shift, we advise you to read this article first. Are you already informed? Please continue reading.

Hourly rate
Money in the bank. The importance of the hourly rate speaks for itself. Your quality is valuable and you should be rewarded for that. The good thing about our platform is that you are completely free to decide what you are worth, and thus what shifts to apply for. Choose a shift with compensation that makes you feel satisfied. 

Client & working activities
In order to get a good image of the shift, we recommend you to check the description of the shift carefully and to read the additional briefing. In this way, you know what’s expected of you so you won’t face any surprises on the work floor when it’s too late. Ask yourself in what type of environment you work best and apply for the shifts that seem like to be made for you.

The client is looking for a FreeFlexer with certain capabilities. You know best about what you are capable of. Try to indicate whether you are the person the client is looking for, based on your skills and the requirements. After you have completed the shift, the client will rate you on your qualities. It would be a pity to receive a lower rating because you could not meet the required skills. 

Appearance and clothing
Whether you are a fan of beards and piercings or not, the client often demands specific requirements in terms of appearance from the FreeFlexers who work for them. Make sure you can meet áll the requirements, so you are guaranteed to be allowed to work. 

For example: Do you wear white shoelaces, while the client demanded black ones? This can be enough for a client to be allowed to send you home. We have experienced it. This is not a joke. 

Starting time, end time and duration of shift
The hourly rate, the client and the working activities of a shift can cause you to be enthusiastic right away but don’t forget about checking the working duration carefully. After completing a shift, you are not only reviewed on your qualities, but also on ‘coming in time’ and your ‘presence’. Are you doubting whether you can make it or not? Try to go for a shift with working times that you are sure of. Better safe than sorry! 

Some clients are hard to reach by public transport. Other clients are good to reach, but not until late at night. Also, it is not unusual that a shift ends later than expected. Therefore, beware that you won’t miss your bus home. Furthermore, make sure that you are not depending on a certain type of transport. The platform regards problems with transport, and the result of not being able to make it to the shift, as a ‘no-show’. The further the location, the higher the risk. Try to go for a shift that has a realistic travel time for you. 

A little bonus in the form of a tip is a nice extra. Some clients share the tip, others don’t. This is indicated at the shift page. It’s up to you to decide how important this is for you. 

Cancellation policy
Very important: before you apply, carefully check the cancellation policy. You can find it on top of the shift page where you can apply. The cancellation policy can vary from 24 hours to 7 days. Are you accepted for a shift and it’s too late to cancel, you have to find a replacement through the platform in order to prevent yourself from having a no-show.

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