1. Log in as a client and click on 'Planning' (at the top of the header).

2. The schedule will open. Search for the desired company in the filter.

3. To add a shift to the planning; click on the plus sign in the row of the desired job and day.

Does it concern a new job? Then read here how to create the job.

4. Now the page where you can fill in all the relevant details opens up.

  • Now choose the date, the start time, the end time, the number of people and the hourly rate.

  • You can also indicate whether the freelancers, who are in your flexpool, should be accepted automatically as soon as they respond to the shift. Handy!

  • To increase the chances that freelancers will respond to your shift, you can choose to have Temper automatically increase the hourly rate over time.

  • You can choose the last option if you want freelancers (who have worked for you before) to be automatically accepted within 24 hours before the shift starts.

5. The shift is created. You can go to the schedule and look for the shift.

Are there no responses? Then we recommend that you increase your hourly rate. Do you already have responses? You can choose a freelancer from the list.

*In some cases we can't publish your shifts right away. You then get the message that your shifts are 'waiting for approval'.

What does the color of the shift mean in the schedule?

  • Red means no registrations on your shift yet.

  • Orange means that an action is required. For example, there are applications but you haven't chosen them yet.

  • Green means that the shift is fulfilled.

  • Black means the shift is offline.

What if I want to place a recurring shift?

Do you need someone for more days? Then use the 'Recurring shift' option. This option allows you to place the shifts, whose times and hourly rate are the same, in one go. In step 4, click on 'Recurring shift' in the top right corner. Depending on the length of the period you enter, the shifts are going to be automatically added each week.

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