It doesn't matter what your credit level is, as a principal you can place infinite shifts. That's nice. In fact, your credit is reduced by the number of outstanding invoices or invoices on the way (so for upcoming shifts).

What does it mean if my credit status is insufficient?

This means that the amount of outstanding invoices and invoices in transit is higher than the credit you have received from Finqle to make direct payment available for FreeFlexers.

What happens for the freelancers in this case?

  1. If you have more outstanding invoices and invoices in transit than your credit level, then the FreeFlexers will no longer have the option to choose direct payment with you. This may affect their choice between signing up for a shift or not.

  2. FreeFlexers who are confirmed for shifts will receive a notification that direct payment is not possible and will still have the option to sign out 12 hours before the shift starts, regardless of the cancellation policy.

    Please note: if the shift starts within 12 hours, the FreeFlexer will not be given this option and the first set conditions will continue to apply.

How can I solve this?

You can easily solve this by paying your invoices. Using iDEAL is the fastest method. In addition, direct debit can offer a solution to avoid this situation in the future.

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