Once you’ve applied and have been accepted for a shift, you remain completely responsible for it. This entails that it’s also your responsibility to find a substitute if you are no longer available to work the shift. Only substitutes that possess all the required skills for the shift are able to apply. 

When you’ve found a substitute outside of the platform, you must be sure that this person can meet all the requirements. You will also have to check whether your substitute is allowed to work in The Netherlands. You're only allowed to work in The Netherlands if you have a Dutch or European ID card or passport, or if you have a residence permit that contains the title 'arbeid vrij toegestaan' (labor permitted). If your substitute isn't allowed to work, the client has the right to send your substitute home and penalize you with the no show fine.

What are my responsibilities once I’ve found a substitute outside of the platform?
Due to the fact that you are the FreeFlexer who signed an agreement together with the client, this entails that you are completely responsible for the proper completion of the shift. If you find yourself a substitute outside of the platform keep the following things in mind:  

  1. You have to notify the client of the substitute coming to work the shift.

  2. You have to complete the checkout.

  3. You will receive the rating.

  4. You are responsible for the money to get to your substitute.

  5. You make the agreements with your substitute concerning presence, liability, and so on. 

What if your substitute doesn’t show up or doesn’t meet the requirements according to the client?
If your substitute doesn’t meet the requirements of the shift according to the client, or does not show up at all, the client is able to give you a no-show.
You will still be responsible for your substitute so you will receive the fine if a client decides to claim so. If you didn’t discuss this with your substitute, the fine will be your responsibility.

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