The benefits at a glance:

  • Know who's coming
    Select the person with the ideal profile for your job based on skills and reviews from other clients.

  • Build a flexpool
    See the same faces again and again? Invite FreeFlexers to your flexpool and build a powerful pool of flexible professionals.

  • Determine your own hourly rate
    You are in control of determining your hourly rate. To help you out, you can check the average rate of similar jobs in your area.

  • Easily keep track
    You'll have a very clear overview of your posted and worked shifts and keep track of the hours you published and filled.

  • No signup fee
    Post your shifts free of charge and without obligation. You'll only pay a € 3.50 user fee per hour worked. Invoicing is transparent.

  • Get personal assistance
    We'll help you personally with every possible issue.

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