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How do I invite a FreeFlexer to my Flexpool?
How do I invite a FreeFlexer to my Flexpool?

When completing a checkout, you can invite a FreeFlexer to your Flexpool

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To place a FreeFlexer in the Flexpool:

  1. Log in and click on Checkouts in the header.

  2. Here you will see an overview of your checkouts. Click on Accept checkout at the corresponding FreeFlexer.

  3. You will find a button to invite the FreeFlexer to your Flexpool below the rating section. Tick whether you want to add him to the relevant pool.

  4. Complete the checkout. The FreeFlexer will receive an invitation to your Flexpool.

  5. If the FreeFlexer accepts the invitation, they are added to your Flexpool.

You can view your Flexpool by clicking on Flexpools in the header at the top of the page.

When placing shifts within this particular job you can indicate that FreeFlexers from your Flexpool are automatically accepted when they apply. Handy!

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