As a FreeFlexer you work for yourself and have the freedom to determine your own work rhythm. By choosing when, where and at what rate you want to work, you will be tailoring your work schedule to your private life, not the other way around.

Do you have exams? Or maybe a birthday you want to attend? Go and enjoy yourself, you are not obliged to work. It’s up to you which shifts you apply for. Because you work for various companies, each day is different from the next. Goodbye repetitive slump and hello diversity.

Being FreeFlexer also comes with responsibilities. As a Freeflexer you are an independent contractor. Therefore, you are responsible for finding assignments and for the agreements you make with clients. Of course Temper helps you with this.

You are also responsible for being a real entrepreneur. This means, among other things, that you have multiple clients (and therefore variable income), that you determine yourself how you (or your replacement) carry out the work (in coordination with the client, of course), and that you comply with all rules applicable to entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship also means running risks. For example, you are liable for any damage you have caused. Also, in case of illness or disability you will often have no income. These risks can of course be insured. This is not mandatory, but we do recommend it.

Although Temper can help you with all these issues and provide you with information, these matters are your own responsibility.

There already have been more than 100.000 people who’ve become a FreeFlexer. Would you like to become one too? Join the movement and create your profile.

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